Who We Are

You’ll find Bar Souvenir nestled down an unassuming lane in the heart of old Berawa in Canggu, Bali. An intimate and personal cocktail & sake bar with 15 seats, we can afford to be really focused on creating a true bar experience - we’re not a restaurant, nor a nightclub or beach club - we draw heavily on the focused craft of what makes a bar truly unique and we try to hone that more every day.

Despite drawing on the influence DNA of what makes a true bar a ‘bar’, we’re surrounded by local Warung snack bars, local markets and rice fields and we find that influence creeping into our inspiration for menu creation every time we sit and think of a new volume for our menu. There is an amazing array of Balinese ingredients that are as good, if not better, then their counterparts in the west or other parts of Asia.

Whilst it’s easy when writing a new cocktail menu it’s easy to fall into the tropes of classics and new world riffs, and then you spend most of the time pulling yourself out of that hole of history. In Bali it’s different; spend some time on a scooter or wander into a local Pasar market and you’ll be greeted by a multitude of unique flavours and aromas. It seems clear to us that our focus should be harnessing the wonderful myriad of local ingredients, and when we sit down as a team every few months it’s a common theme for us to celebrate those ingredients and champion them, not shy away.

Countless hours of research, experimentation, epic wins and quite honestly huge fails goes into our menu development phases and we plan on using this platform to share the process with you.